The Association of Bodynamic Psychology organizes itself primarily through Committees. Committees are work groups where certain goals are set and objectives are met. They are formed by a group of individuals passionate about a particular subject area. All members of ABP can apply to be a member of any committee. Please contact the lead member for more information.

Emergency Ukraine Support Committee

Purpose: Crises support for Ukrainian people in the current conflict.


  • Hadi Marcher – (committee Leader)
  • Arijana Lukic – (Youtube and video exercises with translation coordination)
  • Maryna – (Coordination of Therapy)
  • Patricia Graul – (Coordination of Safe Places and Organizations for Refugees)
  • Nanaya Liv Steno
  • Johanna Baum
  • Leidulv Risstad

Membership Committee

Purpose: The purpose and function of the membership committee is to coordinate and oversee ongoing communications with existing ABP members, to promote the addition of new members through a variety of forms, coordinating and advertising workshops, webinars, moderation of the online forum, and the dissemination of written or recorded materials either online or in person as the case may be as an incentive for members to join.


  • Johanna Baum (lead)
  • Diana Jacobs
  • Jonathan Zerbin

Conference Committee

Purpose: The purpose and function of the conference committee is to organize, coordinate, schedule and administer ABP annual or bi-annual conferences.


  • Ditte Marcher (lead)
  • Lotte Lytton Kejser
  • Mar Barosso
  • Arijana Lukic
  • Sarah Cornish
  • Nanaya Liv Steno

Ethics Committee

Purpose: The Ethics Committee overseas the further development of the Ethical Guidelines consistent with best practices in the field. The Ethics Committee will oversee all ethical complaints raised against members according to the Ethical Guidelines and works with the Governing Board to resolve these complaints (compare Art. 4.7 and 4.8).


  • Oleh Hukovskyy
  • Wolfgang Brandt
  • Patricia Graul
  • Bent Warming-Rasmussen
  • Jesper Melek Nielsen
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Scientific Research Committee

Purpose: The Scientific Research Committee will collect, archive, and organize materials scientific in nature that pertain to Bodynamic as well as promote new scientific research that further establishes, validates, or refines the empirical basis for the Bodynamic models and the therapeutic and pedagogical interventions associated therewith. Additionally, the Scientific Research Committee will oversee publication of a journal and library of the ABP (compare Art 3).


  • Philip (lead)
  • Robert
  • Kalliopi
  • Volker
  • James
  • Lisbeth Marcher as Consultant

Professional Development Committee

Purpose: The Professional Development Committee will coordinate the dissemination of written and oral materials, including workshops, seminars, or webinars or other online platform, that provide tools for members to enhance, develop, and grow their Bodynamic practice.


  • James (lead)
  • Leidulv
  • Wolfgang

Interested in joining or starting a committee?

Joining a committee: Please contact the committee lead and request to join. You can also reach out to them to inquire about collaboration opportunities.

Starting a committee:  Join the ABP and make a proposal at our annual general meeting.