Ethics Committee

The committee has formed the ethics for the Association of Bodynamic Psychology (ABP). The ethics are a body of rules, procedures, and guidelines that govern relationships with clients, students, colleagues, the ABP, the public, and other professions. Ethics help us to be aware of our responsibilities and guide our behavior.

In Bodynamic we recognize and support the human rights and the dignity of human beings. We are aware that therapeutic relationships are by their nature asymmetrical. We are carrying the responsibility for that in our therapy, public presentation, supervision, and teaching.
In our professional relationships, we express this with consideration for the experience of others, and with respect and tolerance for diversity of perspective. This includes our awareness of our professional competencies, state laws, our need for continuing education and supervision. Our principles are meant to provide clarity about the basic contours of ethical behavior but do not serve as an exhaustive or comprehensive discussion of the ethical obligations of Association members.

If you have any questions about ethical behavior or want to report someone who has not followed the ethics of APB. Please send a mail to

ABP Statement of Ethical Principles

Team Members

Jesper Melek Nielsen –  Denmark

Born in 1985. Education: Bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Master in IT (Digital design and communication) and is now studying Bodynamic Psychology. He has worked for the Capitol Region of Denmark since 2013 and has experience within psychiatric healthcare, business development, and HR. Besides the current IT work, he works with NADA acupuncture therapy and mindfulness and guided meditations.

Oleh Hukovskyy – Ukraine

Born in 1982. Bodynamic therapist, teacher, and supervisor. Professional experience since 2005. He has been working in a psychiatric hospital for 10 years. Now he has his own private practice. Member of European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP) and Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapists (UUAP).

Wolfgang Brandt – Germany

After his first career as a banker, Wolfgang in 2000 became a natural health professional with a state license for psychotherapy (HPG). For many years, he was a clinical bodytherapist with a focus on trauma treatment. He opened his private practice for bodypsychotherapy in Dresden, Germany, and worked as a trainer for body-oriented psychotherapy. Besides years of experience in humanistic therapy, he has been trained in NLP, Qigong, Feldenkrais®, and Somatic Experiencing®. Bodynamic made it possible to integrate his professional experiences in a new way. He is a Bodynamic therapist and trainer, a Full Bodymapper, and a Bodynamic Shock therapist.

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