The ABP was founded on the 3 September 2019 in Hørsholm, Denmark. It is a non-profit worldwide organisation.


The ABP aims to promote quality of life, well-being and human rights using body psychology and conflict resolution.


People: To be an inspiring community that connects Bodynamic Practitioners of Body Psychology across nations to share ideas, unite in projects, uphold the same ethical standards and grow as professionals.

Society: For body psychology to become commonly known, and a well-respected approach to relieve involuntary suffering and improve well-being.

Partners: To nurture a winning network of healthcare, psychotherapy and humanitarian organizations, together creating enduring impact and value.

Research: ABP supports practical and relevant research.

The Board

  • Lene Wisbom – Chairwoman
  • Tuk Alexander Jacobsen – Secretary
  • Torben Salomon – Treasurer
  • Jonathan Zerbin
  • Leidulv Risstad
  • Jesper Melek Nielsen
Statement of Ethics

Honorary Members

Lisbeth Marcher

Raja Selvam, PhD

Kim Barthel

Ian Macnaughton