The Association of Bodynamic Psychology (ABP) is a global community of individuals interested in developing and promoting the Bodynamic system of Somatic Developmental Psychology. The ABP aims to promote quality of life, well-being and human rights using body psychology and conflict resolution.

The Association of Bodynamic Psychology has created an Emergency Ukraine Support Committee to support Ukrainian people caught in the current conflict.

All members interested in supporting the cause are invited to our next meeting on May 17, 2022 18:00 Copenhagen time. Zoom link is available on our community forum, and an email will be sent out to all members as well.

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These interviews will be a free event for ABP members accessible via our online community forum.

The Association of Bodynamic Psychology organizes itself primarily through Committees. Committees are work groups where certain goals are set and objectives are met. They are formed by a group of individuals passionate about a particular subject area. All members of ABP can apply to be a member of any committee.

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The Association of Bodynamic Psychology aims to put on a conference every two years.

The inaugural conference is planned to happen in Lisbon, Portugal within the next 2 years. Please check back for updates.

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